Wednesday, 14 January 2009


When a country takes over as the 6 month head of Europe a piece of art is produced, who knew that, well we do now due to the stir that David Cerny's 8 tonne 'airfix' type mosaic, of the EU countries, art installation outside the European Commission building in Brussels. It has amused me and has made me smile. Art that satirizes, questions, engages and makes one think while it gives you a playful dig.

All the EU countries stereotypes are represented; well apart from the UK which is missing as our politicians, media do not want to engage with Europe so are somewhat offshore.

Some of the other countries are:-

Romania - a Dracula theme park
Netherlands - minarets submerged by a flood
Germany - network of motorways (some have seen a vague swastika)
Bulgaria - squat toilet
France - a 'Greve' (strike) sign
Luxembourg - lump of gold
Finland - wooden floor with animals on it
Sweden - flat pack furniture
Italy - football pitch with goalposts at either end
Poland - priests waving a rainbow flag (symbol of inclusiveness, diversity & gay pride)
Spain - building site
Cyprus - two parts not joined together
Lithuania - row of soldiers pissing into Russia
Belgium - chocolate
Portugal - colonial countries

If you want to see the rest go to Harry's Place which has a link to the BBC pictures and also Cerny's brochure. The brochure lists all the countries and there are biographies and statements from the fictional artists who have supposed to have created each country which are amusing, especially the one he has done for his own country, the Czech Republic. The UK imaginary person is called 'Khalid Asad' and amongst the places he has exhibited is 'The Beer Mat Show' in Alicante. What is more British than that.

The installation apparently will go 'live' later this week when certain countries will start to move and make noises. For example Germany's cars and Italy's footie players. Wonder if there is a web cam nearby?

See the David Cerny site for more of his art. I like the babies climbing the Prague TV tower.

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