Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunny Days and Green Fields

What a wonderful run of sunny days just as the days are lengthening. The north wind is icy so its hats, gloves, scarfs and lots of layers. The sheep near Tunnel Hill need none of those things as they come complete with woolly covering. They look to be enjoying the sunshine as quite a few are lying down.

We were on our way to Heversham Head, as on a clear day the views are wonderful, but we were not paying attention so ended up approaching it the 'wrong' way up the hill so I had never seen
this interesting sheep gate and wall. I think at one time this must have been used as a stile, being idle we used the large gate. We carried on up hill from there to reach
the top, and the millennium orientation table which has the famous start of psalm 121 written around it "I will lift up mine eyes to the hills, from whence commeth my help, my help commeth from the Lord". These lines are popular in the county for I have seen them on numerous sundials, seats and in fact anywhere with a view; for the hills are eternal. The ones in the distance
on the horizon are the Coniston, Scafell and Crinkle Crag ranges. Just in sight part of the River Kent is snaking its way on the plain out to sea, the Cumbria Coastal Way long distance footpath follows it at this point.

Sorry no photos of the estuary itself as the sun was making its way west and shining low and directly into the lens. The best time to take an image would be the morning, or even better sunset then there would be glowing colours over Morecambe Bay. When I eventully decide to upgrade my camera it might be a good place to test it out. This may be some time off as I can't decide what type to get, DSLR or super zoom. The more I read the more I cannot make up my mind.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh look at all those delightfully fluffy sheepies!


Anonymous said...

Love that first shot of the sheep on the hillside.