Monday, 29 March 2010

Spring Came Slowly

One of the turnings of the seasons is on the day the clocks go forward, we head for Whistling Green and the Ulpha Woods in the Duddon Valley. This is a treat of a walk for spring, but as we all know things are different this year after an unusually cold, snowy and long winter.  The forsythia by the Bobbin Mill Bridge was only in bud

the fields of gold that usually great us were sparse. Few flowering daffodils, some in bud but most holding their glow within green leaves.  The daffodils in gardens are indeed out but the ones here are wild and always the last in any year, that is why we always leave it until the end of March to visit.  If you wish to compare and contrast then my post for the 30th March last year shows everything in full bloom, go here

A lovely sunny breezy day for a walk in the woods, even if there was a lack of daffodils the birds were in full song

and there is always lots of lovely moss.

"And the Spring came slowly up this way" wrote Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Carol said...

Spring IS coming slowly! Nice series of shots. I like the moss and I enjoyed the walk....