Saturday, 17 April 2010

Flowery Friday

I do like the riparian reeds and if a boat floats into view so much the better. Away from the coast on the Lancaster Canal, the weather was warm with hardly a breeze.

As you can see I was so mesmerised by the reeds I have managed to cut off the reflection of  the tree as we walked away from Carnforth towards Borwick.

Like the reeds the lesser celandines delights a riparian bank although there are a few dandelions in there as well, great survivors,  who will grow anywhere and in profusion but here

  the celandines outnumber them. And perhaps at the moment

also the daffodils, here in front of a canal mile post.  This side shows the mileage to Lancaster and on the other, unseen side, how far to Kendal.

A lone Blackthorn in flower always of interest if you are fond of making Sloe Gin, although I have my own favourite tree closer to home, which was weighed down with fruit last autumn.

The people that live and leisure by this canal would agree with the sentiments of Ratty the water vole in The Wind in the Willows -  "there is nothing, absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as

simply messing about in boats"


Unknown said...

I came over to visit your N post and ending up reading this post, we use to have a narrow boat and have cruised along this canal too!! I agree with the Wind in the willows quote...

Joy said...

It would be a lovely canal to cruise along. This spell of good weather has seen the narrow boats moving again, no canal seems complete without this.