Wednesday, 3 November 2010


We are having endless days of rain at the moment in northern England so to cheer things up, a virtual blue sky.  

A house in the village of Mont-Dol, Northern France.  I think all houses should have the option of turrets.

Mary the Teach is the hostess of the mid-week meme  Windows..and doors too


Lew said...

Interesting old building! The turret looks like a hat set askew on the house, but the view from the facing windows must be great.

Cildemer said...

Great picture! Love houses with dormers! Love Virginia creepers too;o)

Have a nice Thursday****

Lesley said...

those corner dormers must let in a lot of light into what I imagine is a small room!

ewok1993 said...

what a nice looking building/home.

jewwishes said...

Nice capture of architectural blends.

Nick Thomas said...

And just what do the French put in their turrets? A hidden wine stash, a supply of cheese for the winter, body of ex-wife?? Just curious.