Tuesday, 18 January 2011

ABC Wednesday - Arch

The Imperial Arch, entrance to Chinatown in Liverpool. This used to be the largest Chinese population in Europe but the area has declined in recent times. Liverpool's trading links with Shanghai in the past was the start of Chinese immigration. It was a rainy day when I took this photo so the 200 dragons don't really stand out. The arch was shipped piece by piece from Shanghai and constructed in 2000 for the Chinese new year festival which take place here every year. The characters in the middle say "Zhong Guo Cheng" meaning simply, Chinatown.

Travelling inland to the city of Chester

and Eastgate. This gate has three arches. Can't see them?  There are two small pedestrian arches at the sides, hidden by people walking through them.  Eastgate also carries the walkway forming Chester City Walls.  The clock on the top was constructed in 1897 to celebrate Queen Victoria's Jubilee and is one of the famous sites of Chester.  In contrast to this elaborate clock the arch in the city's park by the riverside is
 quite rustic and is one of the entrances into the park with its Arcadian lawns, trees and flowers.  The view through the next arch is not of flowers
but architecture. The ruined arches at the rear of the church in Tinténiac, France provides a admirable frame for the many towers of the present church. 

A new round of ABC Wednesday with lots of letters in front of us. Visit the participants of Round 8, words starting with the letter A will abound.  


Jedediah said...

Lovely photos, the Chester arch is my favourite. I love the little watch tower on top.

Sylvia K said...

What a delightful post for the A Day and such marvelous captures! The Chester Arch is beautiful, but I love them all! Hope you're enjoying a great week!

ABC Team

VioletSky said...

Wonderful choice for A!
I am fascinated by arches, it just seems impossible to me that they can have such strength.

Leslie: said...

The Chinese arch in Liverpool is quite similar to the one here in Vancouver Canada. I've been to Chester and seen those arches - it's a beautiful city and I really enjoyed wandering around the cathedral.

ABC Team

LisaF said...

The Imperial Arch is fascinating! Love all the others as well. I especially like the composition of the photo of the ruined ones at the Tinténiac church.

anthonynorth said...

Being a Brit I enjoyed those pictures.

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

The Eastgate arch is legendary - the arches in Chinatown, Liverpool are very similar to the ones in Chinatown, Manchester.

mrsnesbitt said...

Looking forward to meeting up !

ABC Team

photowannabe said...

Beautiful architecture and its amazing that the Chinatown gate was sent piece by piece and constructed afterward. Great post for the letter A.

Kay L. Davies said...

When I saw your photo on the ABC Wednesday page, I immediately thought "Shanghai" and I see that's where it came from. Beautiful.
And the walled city of Chester! Unfortunately, the weather was dreadful (raining cats and dogs) when I visited there with my parents and family in 1996, but we loved it anyway.
Arches are excellent for A day.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Cheryl said...

Beautiful shots. Love these arches.

ABC Team

Roger Owen Green said...

love the arches.
didn't know that Liverpool had a Chinatown!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Rajesh said...

Beautiful arches. I love the way you have composed this shots.

Tumblewords: said...

Glorious arches! I love the walking path arch - it has a magical feel.

jijie said...

Nice, really nice.....

I'm your newest follower from ABC-WED, hope you will follow me back here@ Step Up
Take Care

jabblog said...

Beautiful arches, all. It's interesting to learn that Liverpool had the largest Chinese population in Europe.

Paula Scott said...

I love this arch essay! I have never seen or known about that Chinese arch in Liverpool! Very distinctive.
Brilliant choices for today!

Carola said...

A for Arch is very interesting,I like your photos, especially the first arch.

Thanks for your comment on my post.

Cildemer said...

Great choice for Aday!
Very informative post illustrated with very nice shots!
Thanks for sharing;o)

Have a beautiful week****