Tuesday, 17 April 2012

ABC Wednesday - Naval Wedding

I've just done an ABC post thinking that M for Mill would be perfect then (after I had posted) realised that I'd done M for merry-go-round last week so really I should be posting N, doh.  I'm not sure whether this is my short or long term memory cracking up but I've scrambled together some appropriate N for Naval Wedding. Here goes. The White Ensign flies over the church while friends and crew
 present their sword.
 and then cross
 for the bride and groom to appear.
 Babies make an appearance (too cute to miss out) appropriately naval themed.
Everyone moves off and the White Ensign is lowered. Not all naval personnel are in uniform.

An entry to ABC Wednesday, a journey through the alphabet


Carol said...

Oh, this is beautiful to see! I love the crossed swords. My sister had Naval wedding since her groom was an officer in the Navy at that time. Then, all the swordsmen were in white uniforms. This surely brings back lovely memories.

VioletSky said...

When my younger cousin, a marine, was married in full dress uniform (in Wokingham) it was my first experience of seeing the ritual and colours. It was very special!

Roger Owen Green said...

Nice event.
I often work ahead so I don't confuse the weeks...

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

chubskulit said...

Neat and beautiful occasion. Hubby is a retired Navy!

Nursing to Nuclear Medicine
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

mrsnesbitt said...

I love weddings!
Denise ABC Team

Danielle said...

Thanks for visiting me--you have a lovely blog--lots of wonderful photos! I love the idea of a naval wedding--quite striking and how often do you get to walk underneath raised swords for pleasure! :) It's all very elegant!