Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Woodland Walk Through Winding Wingnuts

Take a walk in the the woods and there may be more than moss and leaves growing on trees especially in Grizedale Forest, well known for its sculptures and art works scattered across its acreage sometimes on paths sometimes tucked away off the trails. One of the lower paths accessible for both walkers and wheelchairs has suddenly sprouted some brass wing-nuts.
   I wondered what they were when we turned the corner onto this path
And as they appeared to go through the trees, what was the purpose of the bowl on the other side.
I wondered if they turned, yes, they clunked I turned it round with no resistance.  I moved on if I had stuck with it until experiencing resistance then this would have happened:

What a super surprise I would have got if this sound had floated out into the summer air.  I discovered , thanks to the internet, that this is "The Clockwork Forest" by the art collective greyworld, only installed in October 2011. Its idea is that of the untold fairytale, and the secret stories and distant sounds of the forest.
So amongst the wind rustling through the leaves one could sit here and get someone to wind this up and let the tinkling sound drift on the air.

An entry to ABC Wednesday, a walk through the alphabet from A to Z


Meryl said...

What a glorious place to visit!

Andy David said...

How cool is that! How poetic to sit there, wind up the tree and just listen to the sounds floating with the breeze. I do wonder if all that winding isn't damaging the tree though? Lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

The Warm Fingers Of Love

Roger Owen Green said...

What a delightful concept!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

chubskulit said...

Such a wonderful woody place to go for a walk!

White Chocolate
Rose, ABC Wednesday

Luna Miranda said...

this is so cool! i thought they are some kind of gadgets to protect the trees.:p

Paula Scott said...

I love, love, love these whimsical wingnuts!

Dave said...

Joy, that music from those clockwork trees is amazing! Thanks for demonstrating them - Dave