Tuesday, 23 October 2012

By the River Ore

Its a sunny day so I will take you on  a walk along the sea wall by the side of the River Ore.

Where red sailed boat skim across the water

Board the Lady Florence for a meal or a sunset cocktail. Sailing year round with something I imagine is a necessity in the coming winter - a cosy coal fire.  The River Ore is the final section of the Alde as it runs into the North Sea past Havergate Island and the shingle spit of Orford Ness.

Saltmarshes fringe the Ore and beyond the fishing boat is Havergate Island two miles of lagoons, mud flats and grazing marshes ideal for avocets, terns and wintering wildfowl.
The lapwings collect on the land in Autumn but these two were in the priory church of St Bartholomew, Orford. There were dozens of cushions and something I have never seen before, a book with the designs listed with the names of those who had created them against each.

Here is the lighthouse (which can just be glimpse on the horizon beyond the Lady Florence photo) keeping everyone safe and of course the cushion includes the church to sing "for those in peril on the sea".
Ah back on dry land for this landlubber. I took no photos of the sturdy church of the cushions (St Bartholomew) but attached to it are the ruined chancel of the priory church and who can resist flowers and a romantic ruin.

An entry to ABC Wednesday. A journey through the alphabet.


Leslie: said...

Obviously, a lovely place!

abcw team

Roger Owen Green said...

you did well for a self-described lubber!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

photowannabe said...

Love the red sail boat and all the wonderful handwork.
Perfect choices for the letter O.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Lovely designs on cushions.

O is for....
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Rajesh said...

Wonderful set of images by the river.

Dave said...

Nothing like mucking about in boats Joy - Dave

Paula Scott said...

An optical feast, that river Ore! You know, I think you have quite a few images with various aqueducts in them. If I remember correctly. They'd make a great post for a certain letter of the alphabet (or, perhaps you have and I am having yet another 'senior' moment!).
Those aqueducts take my breath away.

Paula Scott said...

P.S. maybe it's just several of the ABC participants that have posted images with aqueducts. For all I know, this could be your first time! As I said....'senior' moments.