Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Don Quioxote is a long way from La Mancha seen here in Clearbeck gardens on his old horse Rosinante.  Described as an 'eye catcher' the metal sculpture can be seen from many directions or glimpsed through greenery
I'm behind the Gunnera, a plant I'm attracted by because they always look spectacular in a  landscape garden and if I see one its usually accompanied by a click of my camera.  This one is just started its journey to  look like a giant rhubarb.  There are about 50 different species and the largest can be 8 ft high with leaves 4 ft across living up to its nickname of dinosaur food.. I don't know what species this one is , who knows it could even be Gunnera Quitoensis from South America. The Gunnera species like moist boggy ground so its quids in here high in the Tatham fells
Don Quixote can't find any windmills to tilt at so he will have to make do with a tree. The owners say the sculpture like his namesake is "ever ready to charge over the grass bridge at the sheep grazing nearby. He sets the mood for the garden as a slightly crazy quest"  Clearbeck is sometimes called the "Artists Garden" and indeed one could call it quixotic. The two dimensional steel creation is by Andy Kay and I wonder if over time it will rust like our poor gentleman of La Mancha's acquired rusty armour in Carvantes famous story.

An entry to ABC Wednesday, a quest to blog every letter of the alphabet this week sojourning at Q here 


Anonymous said...

Well you found a great submission for the letter Q with wonderful photos!

Trubes said...

Ah! Don Quixote,
A favourite literary character of mine.
I love the sculpture, quite stunning, with amazing photography.

Best wishes,
Abcw team.

Roger Owen Green said...

a couple rounds ago, I did quixotic, which is a great word.


Ni de Aqui, Ni de Alla said...

Don Quijote! You never know where he'll pop up. Great pictures!

Marcy said...

Wonderful sculpture!!
Great choice for Q

Q is for...

Lmkazmierczak said...

What a terrific post...rather fun♪ http://lauriekazmierczak.com/quail-eggs/

Gattina said...

Nice finding ! He looks a little skinny, lol !

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

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Bernice Parsons said...

That's a really great addition to any garden. I like metal sculptures and they always look interesting, whether they are realistic or abstract. That particular one fits quite well in the whole setting. It looks as though Don Quixote is riding through, about to engage in some adventure. To come upon it unexpected would be quite the experience for a visitor.

Bernice Parsons @ Badger Anodising