Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Observing Okapi

Mmm these leaves look highly obtainable and overwhelmingly desirable 
Yes observe me and my long tongue which is also handy to wash my eyelids and clean ears, inside and out, its very sticky

Oooh almost there
Got one
Mmm what should I do now, the other leaf source the oblong bowl is empty
Guess I'll just wait for the meals on wheels trolley with my Okapi name on it. 

The Okapi shown is a male, identifiable from its skin covered horns. Although the Okapi looks similar to a zebra its closest relative is the giraffe and indeed is sometimes called the "forest giraffe",  the other nickname is the 'African Unicorn'.  Its home is the tropical rain forests of Central Africa.  A solitary animal which needs acreage to roam (the male more than the female), this has become a problem due to shrinking habitat because of human development and also war and poaching. There are probably 10-20,000 in the wild and the Democratic Republic of Congo project the Okapi Wildlife Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site dedicated to preserving and increasing number. It located in the Ituri Forest near the border with Sudan and Uganda. The European Endangered Species Programme for Okapi is led by Antwerp Zoo (where these photographs were taken) and up to now has bred 48 calves and counting this video was the 48th with another one due.

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Leslie: said...

Those are fabulous photos you got! I must admit I'd never heard of this animal before I started teaching grade 4 science and we learned about habitats! Now it comes in handy in crossword puzzles! lol

abcw team

richies said...

Okapi seem like mashup animals to me. Very good photos!
An Arkies Musings

richies said...
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Anonymous said...

Unique and wonderful photos for O ~ ^_^

Berowne said...

Marvelous response to this week's letter...

Roger Owen Green said...

What an ODD colored creature!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

VioletSky said...

He is indeed an odd looking creature, but rather cute.

Carver said...

Great shots and such a unique animal. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

Ann said...

I think he looks like 3 different animals too, very unique though.

Chubskulit Rose said...

I've never seen an animal like that..


I may be always late in commenting, but I am trying to catch up.
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

This is my first meeting with an okapi. Odd looking when you've never seen one before. Thanks for the education.