Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Promenading on the Pleasure Pier

What time is it?  Its time to walk down the pier
or alternatively jump on the tram which is waiting to glide away. Those muffled up people show perhaps the reason  I'll leave this walk for another day when the sun is out
OK that is better

Well its gone 10 and this brings a new meaning to "early doors" 
and the start of our 1,216 yards (1112 m) stroll.  Southport Pier  it is the second longest in Britain but it is also the oldest iron pier although the railings seen here are modern.
The pier celebrated its 150th anniversary in August 2002 with free rides and music.
And now I have reached the end and "The Vortex" a 6 metre high stainless steel sculpture, the light reflects and distorts.  I imagine one can have great fun photographing this in all lighting conditions and then rest on the seating at the bottom. The globe at the top lights up at night although as we are on the west coast sunset would be another photo opportunity. The structure is designed by Craig and Mary Matthews of  Cammdesign
What no ice cream!  Guess we are too early, shame.  I will just have to gaze out
to sea, the tide is out, just a small channel left and in the distance is Blackpool pleasure beach
 just too far away to sweep down the big dipper.

I started with the grey day so I'll finish with it and, as the sign says,    "Thank you for Visiting Southport Pier". Now I can have that ice cream, the stall is just around the corner.

An entry to ABC Wednesday - a stroll through the alphabet.


Carver said...

Very pleasant place. I like the sun sculpture. I like all of them but that's my favorite. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

Roger Owen Green said...

A pleasant time, I imagine!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Gerald (SK14) said...

wonderful pier - a beer lorry had created a hole in the pier last time we were there so the train wasn't running. Don't remember the Vortex sculpture - that must be quite new.

Ann said...

Looks like a fun place to visit--lots of things to do. Sculpture looks really unique.

Master said...

Being too early has its own repercussions ;)
Lovely place BTW

ChrisJ said...

So since we left. Many new things have sprung up in Britain since we left. Used to be quite familiar with Southport Pier.