Sunday, 28 March 2021

St Cuthbert Church

St Cuthbert's church was carpeted with the gold of daffodils as I came through the Lynch gate.  I had come here for solace as my dear Ron died suddenly on Monday 22 March and while many of the churches in the area had closed because of Covid I thought this one was open.
The church is Norman in origin
and this is the front entrance surrounded by Yew trees.  Although the porch was open the door was not so in the Spring sunshine I wandered around to the right side away from the sharp wind.  I have never though about why country churches have a low sloping sort of concrete attachment on the bottom of the church wall but as I sat down realised why, most comfortable.  I sat and contemplated and was joined by a robin who sat nearby on a gravestone and kept me company for some time. I rose and wandered off
spotting a group of these bell like plants. They are a little like lungwort but not quite.
There is pretty gravestone for the Postlethwaite family and a more austere but attractive
grave marker for Dr James Menzies 1853-1941 and his wife Elizabeth Ellen 1863-1937. He was the Kirkby in Furness doctor and must have been admired because the stone reads - "The skill of the physician/ shall lift up his head and/in the sight of great men/he shall be in admiration".
I left by the war memorial with its white and yellow daffodils.  For the history buff there are little biographies of the men by the gate but on this day of sadness it was not for me.
I admired the detail of the cross and went on my way home



violet s said...

Joy, out of curiosity I am visiting your old blog and am just seeing this post. My condolences to you as this one year anniversary approaches.

Joy said...

Thank you for your kind words. It has been a strange and sad 12 months with Sunday Stamps being one of the constants in a time of change so thank you for hosting. With my benign organiser in chief gone I may have to give myself a project to revitalise this blog now that spring is arriving.