Sunday 10 April 2022

Willington Woods


The signpost points to Red Lane and as I approached it

a comma butterfly settled down in from of me opening and closing its wings before flying off
I walked into the woods on its broad path lined with ivy clad trees. The birds were singing and bees buzzing

spring is on the move


some take the high road

some the low.  Turkeytail fungi forming a beautiful pattern while getting down to its true purpose, decomposing fallen trees. No need to hurry all things pass slowly here.

Back to open blue skies and another beautiful spring day.  I did think of calling in for an ice cream on the coast road but Roy's Ices had an enormously long queue of folk spending a leisurely day on the shores of Morecambe Bay.  Well at least no decision had to be made of what flavour to choose. 


violet s said...

What a lovely walk. Even though I know why, it still never ceases to amaze me how much farther ahead you are with spring growth than here (much further south!)

Joy said...

Yes I was surprised when you wrote the first daffodils had just appeared but I think you now have the treat of something to look forward to with all the spring flowers. The cultivated daffodils have been with us for a couple of months now but the truly wild ones are about a month later. I have a walk (not done this year) in another wood which I like to do when the clocks change (here at the end of March), there are whole drifts of them.

Raquel Loio said...

Hi, what beautiful photos of nature! It's always nice to see such images. Greetings from Portugal, Raquel