Friday, 16 November 2012

Buccleuch Dock

Buccleuch Dock
This week has been unremittingly grey but yesterday afternoon the sun reappeared to tell us it was still shining above the clouds.  The mist and grey of the week still seemed to hover in the air as I took this photo in the late afternoon.  The three corvettes just seen in the distance are still looking for a buyer if you are interested.  Originally built on the Clyde for the Brunei Navy who then decided they didn't want them so they are now moored in Barrow. 

If I turn the other way on the dockside
Princess Selandia

there is another ship waiting for a buyer, this used to be a nightclub with the car deck converted to the "Blue Lagoon", perhaps it will end up in Denmark where it was built. The sun was 50 minutes from sunset (which on Thursday was 16:14) and shining horizontally behind the ship.

A picture of my sky for SkyWatch Friday


Mama Zen said...

Pretty shots!

Lucy said...

Grey here too recently - though there are moments of blue too.

Wouldn't it be good to be so rich one could buy all three ships? They could go around like sisters.

Lucy said...

P.S. Excellent name for a blog.

Liza said...

Beautiful shots. Happy sky watching.

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