Monday, 5 November 2012

Autumn Ending

Rusland Beeches

The start of Autumn for me is always the tree of intense red that will appear on Barrow's Abbey Road, it will appear early and is the first sign of Autumn.  The trees in the Rusland Valley will still be green. The planet turns some more and by the first week in November the Rusland valley beeches will be the last to put on a show - it always feels like a grand finale (accentuated this year by the first snow appearing on the hills, but not seen in this sheltered valley).

With the water table so high after months of rain I even got the added benefit of part of the road being slightly flooded in the photograph.     


Peter said...

Beautiful picture, Joy!
The word 'Rusland' in Dutch means 'Russia' in English. But probably it has a different background.

Joy said...

I think the Dutch is almost there Peter. Rusland is indeed a land but as you guessed it is not Rus as the language is Old Norse and probably means Rolf's Land or Ranulf's land. There are a lot of Scandinavian names in the area, but we also have the Dutch kerk as part of some place names, except it is usually spelt kirk.