Friday, 2 November 2012

Tidal Reflections

Morecambe Bay looking south
The tide has just retreated, the day is still and the clouds reflect on the damp sand.  Where the clouds gather two shapes are just visible, zoom in 12 miles across the bay to the large buildings,
and the sun, as it descends, glows on the side of Heysham Nuclear Power Station.  We don't want anything glowing from the inside!  The little white dots on the sand are the seagulls enjoying a damp buffet.

An entry to SkyWatch Friday


Gale said...

Wow, it looks like you could walk out forever into that and not go under. :-)

I'm starting up a linky party on my blog next Wednesday where you can share tid-bits from your town, if you would like to join:

Erika Price said...

Looks idyllic, but I know how cold it is up there!

joy said...

Nice pictures and the place:)

Schotzy said...

Beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog!